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Truberbrook Review

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I haven’t played a point and click game in years and Truberbrook was both relaxing and average at times. Here’s what I think of Truberbrook!


I received a review copy of Truberbrook from Headup Games.

The Great:


This game sounds good. The voice acting is excellent and that’s good since this is a story heavy game. It’s a point & click and the only thing you’ll really be doing outside of talking to people is finding hidden objects and listening to a LOT of dialogue. The dialogue is excellently written and the cast of characters all have fantastic voice acting. What really stands out (to me) is the excellent use of ambient noises. I always look for those extra sounds in games and not just how good the soundtrack is. 


This game has a unique look that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a game before. It uses a technique called photogrammetry and the end result is, honestly, spectacular. This game looks great most of the time and some times I had to stop clicking around and just enjoy the view. Like this one – 

This game is beautiful and everything just pops out at you. This is definitely a game that I can recommend just on its graphical style alone because I’ve never played a game that looks like it before. It’s unique and that’s pretty hard to do today when everything has been done before.

The Good:


Truberbrook’s story is… okay and that’s a shame because in a game like this the story should be excellent. My personal favorite games in this genre are the excellent Deponia games. I was really into the story of this game because of the strong opening segment. Having my crap stolen in the middle of the night from what looked like a ghost was exciting, but that excitement didn’t last. The story here is good, but not great and the fact that they’re asking for $30 for a point & click game is a little ridiculous in my opinion. It’s incredibly overpriced, but I’ll get into that later. I play these kinds of games for the stories that they tell and this game does tell a good story, but it’s not one that I think I’ll want to experience again. 


This is a point & click game. That means you shouldn’t expect much from the gameplay here. I personally think it’s relaxing playing something like this. I don’t always need to play something with action and killing it to have a good time. This was a nice change of pace for me and it felt good to sit back in my chair and not have to worry about having inhuman reflexes to complete some games out there. This game is simple to play and it’s easy and there’s nothing wrong with that all. I had a good, relaxing time playing this game. 

The Bad:

It’s Overpriced:

This game is $30 and it feels like a $15 game to me. If you really love the genre I’ll say $20 tops. This game is good, but it’s not great. There are better games out there to spend that much money on. The only thing this game really has going for it is its unique look and that’s, sadly, not enough for me to recommend this game at this price. Now when the summer sale comes around and this game drops in price I think you should buy it because it is a good game, but for this price, I think you’ll be better off buying something else. 

The Verdict

Truberbrook has a really unique look and tells a good story, but good isn't good enough for a $30 game in this genre. The story should have been fantastic and this would be an easy buy if it was. I don't regret the 8 hours I spent getting lost in this game. The characters are likable, the spoken dialogue is really good, and the visuals are really good, but the story just isn't there for me and, honestly, I'll have a hard time recommending any point & click game for this price.

Final Score:

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