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Valdis Story Abyssal City First Impressions

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steamworkshop_collection_155507013_collection_branding.png Valdis Story reminds me of the old Castlevania games and that’s not a bad thing. Valdis Story has a steep learning curve and I found myself dying a lot which is not like me but oddly I liked it. This is a challenging game. There is no hand holding here and you have to find out where to go on your own so pay attention to what people tell you or you’ll get lost. The gameplay is also just like Castlevania and it works. You push the W and D buttons to perform Heavy, and Light attacks. The S button performs a special move that drains you magic bar down every time you use it and the A button blocks incoming attacks, or projectiles that are in front of you.

A cool feature in this game is the ability to level up. When you level up you may put a single point into key attributes in order to make yourself stronger. I think the only problem with this game is that it lacks originality. It’s pretty much a Castlevania clone with pretty graphics but I don’t look at that as being a negative thing because I love the Castlevania Series. So far Valdis Story is really good and i’m enjoying my time spent with the game.

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