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Van Helsing Final Cut – Gameplay And Thoughts

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Well… Neocore has officially fucked Van Helsing up.

I’ve been a supporter of Van Helsing since the first released. It’s been a rocky road for this series, but many people, including myself, love the first two games in the series. When Van Helsing III came out I thought it would be more of the same that I loved about the first two games. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III is still a mess. It’s still riddled with bugs, and it’s nearly unplayable to a good portion of the players.

Instead of Neocore games fixing their half assed game they’re giving us another Van Helsing to buy. Van Helsing Final Cut will be free to everyone that owns the trilogy already, but most Van Helsing players that I know only bothered to buy parts 1 and 2.

Below you’ll find a trailer for Van Helsing Final Cut. Decide for yourselves if it’s worth buying and go from there.

I’ll most likely end up reviewing this game since I’m getting it for free, but I don’t expect to enjoy it very much because of how different it is from Van Helsing I, and II.

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Share Your Thoughts!