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Van Helsing: Final Cut Release Date, and Thoughts

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Van Helsing: Final Cut has a release date and it’s going to be here sooner than I thought it would be. 

Van Helsing: Final Cut will available or download on September 23, 2015. This new revamped version of Van Helsing will combine all of the previous games into one large campaign that will take over 50 hours to complete, but it’s going to play like The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III.

VanHelsingII_SteamPreOrder_002Don’t fix what’s not broken Neocore Games. That’s all I can really say to this company after they destroyed the Van Helsing franchise after they released, and abandoned, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III earlier this year. When I reviewed the game I criticized it because of how much they changed from the previous installments of the trilogy. The level cap was lowered from 60 to 30. The original three classes were broken up into 6 mediocre ones, and Van Helsing himself isn’t in the game. The hunter class from both Van Helsing 1, and 2 was missing from the game. The biggest thing of all was the fact that we couldn’t even port our character that we worked so hard on to the final game in the trilogy.

This Van Helsing: Final Cut will play just like part 3 and that’s easily the worst game in the trilogy. We’re getting the same six classes and from what I could see the hunter class will not be returning to the Van Helsing franchise in this new installment.

Van Helsing: Final Cut will be available for $44.99. If you already own the trilogy you’ll get Final Cut for free.

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