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Warframe – Farming Ash Is Next To Impossible

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I finally got my Equinox yesterday and so far I love her, but while I was waiting the six days for Equinox to finish building I attempted to farm Ash because I really, really want one… that didn’t go so well…Ā 

After a week on grinding for the Ash Warframe all I have to show for it is the helmet. I’ve tried everything and I just can’t get another piece of him to drop.

In order to get Ash you have to farm Manics. Manics are Grineer assassins that appear after you’ve been detected by the Grineer in various different missions. Everyone says that manics appear after 15 minutes in certain survival missions. I’ve done up to 30 minute sessions and never got a single one.

It’s a really annoying process, but it’t the only one I have available to me. The other way to farm Ash is to go on the raid, but I don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a team, and fighting level 60 enemies because something always goes wrong on every time I’m a part of. I end up carrying us through the match and we eventually fail because that map requires a ton of teamwork and sadly I don’t know people that have good teamwork skills that still play Warframe.

AshAfter a week of failures I decided to go for Ash Prime and I did really good collecting the pieces. I have the helmet, chassis, and systems. All I’m missing is the blueprint, but unfortunately it won’t drop. I even tried buying one from another player, but their prices are insanely high and I’m not going to spend 150 platinum on a blueprint to a warframe that I can grind for.

Ash is proving quite a challenge for me to grind for and I’m not entirely sure that he’s worth the trouble. I really want one though and I know I’m going to keep trying, but after all the failures I’m thinking about taking a little break from all the grinding I’ve been doing lately.

Farming for Ash makes farming for Equinox easy in comparison and it took me a while to get all my Equinox parts. Thankfully Equinox is worth it. I hope I’ll be able to say the same for Ash when I finally acquire one.

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    Simon Lindgaard
    Jan 16, 2016 9:06 pm

    I found that Manics only spawn in Survival if you’re iseolated from your team. In other words, you gotta be alone. I’ve been farming for a while too, can also confirm that the Manics at Tyl Regor don’t drop Ash parts. At least not what I know of.

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