Warframe – Grinding Better Gear, And Fighting Level 100 Enemies

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Tonight was a good night in Warframe. I got a lot done and I even got a chance to see what fighting level 100 enemies was like… it was awesome. 

I originally wanted to buy a few fusion cores from other players. They usually go for 3 plat for 5 of them. The guy I came across told me he had 750 of them and my curiosity got the better of me so I asked him how he got so many of them and he agreed to show me how.

I was really nervous walking into the first mission because it was a level 50 mission and I haven’t attempted to fight level 50 plus enemies with my current setup yet, but it turned out that I was nervous for nothing. I mowed down everything in my way with Frost, my Dread bow, and Orthos Prime. Together we became an instrument of death and killed everything.


The next mission was a lot harder. We had to do a interception mission. This mission had us fighting level 70-80 enemies while running from base to base to fight off their advances. I knew I did good against the level 50 guys, but I never expected to do as well against the level 80 dudes. I was shooting, chopping, and freezing shit up with Frost and I realized just how good my gear, and mods were. I was actually helping the team instead of holding them back.

I even revived a few people including the dude that invited me to the mission. The third mission had us fighting level 90-100 dudes and I did just as good as the previous missions. I went down a few times, but that’s because we were forced to fight with our melee weapons only and I usually like to use my Dread bow to pick off the tougher enemies from a distance. I think I did really well and my reward was 25 gold fusion cores. The cores helped me rank up my mods and I even got a bunch of bronze cores too.


Grinding for fusion cores wasn’t the only thing I did tonight. I completed Trinity, and Saryn Prime. So far I’m really liking Trinity a lot. I haven’t tried Saryn Prime out yet, but I plan on playing as her a lot tomorrow. I even put Ash away so I could focus on trying out new Warframes.

I’m currently building a Fang Prime set. It should be completed tomorrow and I’m about to finish off the Limbo quests so I can finally get my hands on the Limbo Warframe. After I get Limbo I’m going for Chroma, and Atlas after I build up my Archwing gear.


I’m planning on writing another review for Warframe pretty soon. I last reviewed the game two years, but it’s changed a lot since then and I think it’s fair to give the game a updated review. My review for The Division should be up soon too and I haven’t forgotten about my Fire Emblem Fates review.

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Share Your Thoughts!