Warframe – Inaros First Impression

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There’s a new Warframe in town and so far he’s a badass. 

Inaros is the new Warframe and every wants him. Farming him can be a challenge if you don’t have a good group, but I said screw that and brought it since he was so cheap when compared to other Warframes.

Inaros is like a Anubis styled Warframe. He even looks like a mummy and has sand based powers. I couldn’t help, but think of Imhotep from the Mummy movies while I running around with this guy. So far he wreaks everything in his path.


The awesome thing about Inaros is probably the fact that he can literally devour his enemies to restore his lost health. Buy holding down number 2 I can pull a enemy towards me and eat him. I’m not 100% sure that I’m eating the guy, but if you look at the animations that this guy makes while I’m holding down number 2 it looks like he’s having lunch and it’s awesome. Well… maybe not so awesome for the unlucky Grineer, but it’s awesome for me at least.

Here’s a list of Inaros’s skills.

  1. Desiccation – This is what I like to call my sand bitch slap move. Basically Inaros just slaps enemies with sand and blinds/steals health from his enemies. It’s a really awesome move and it looks like bitch slap.
  2.  Devour – This move does two things. The first is Inaros having a healthy lunch by devouring his enemy until they’re dead. The second is creating a sand shadow out of that enemy that he just killed. That poor guy…
  3. Sandstorm – When Inaros activates this move he becomes a sand tornado that sucks everything in around him while continuously damaging his enemies. This move will rapidly drain your energy, but it can be useful in certain situations.
  4. Scarab Swarm – This mod summons scarabs all around Inaros to increase his armor. If you hold down number 4 it’ll charge the spell, but it comes at a cost and that’s your heath. The longer you channel this spell the more health you’ll lose until you’re down to 2 hp. The upside to this is you can discharge your scarabs at enemies and they’ll  damage/steal health from every enemy that’s infected and restore your entire party within a certain radius.


I think I’m rank 20 right now and so far I’m really loving this new Warframe. He’s tanky and has some pretty awesome powers. I thought playing without shields would be hard, but Inaros has so much armor that it doesn’t really matter. I gave him a health mod and I was good to go.  I should probably mention that Inaros does not have shields. Instead he has a ton of armor/health.

It’s feels different playing without shields because I feel more exposed, but once I realized how much it takes to actually put this Warframe down I just charged in with my Orthos Prime and started killing shit. I’m really liking this Warframe so far and I’ll update this as I continue to learn more as I use him.

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Share Your Thoughts!