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Warframe Review [Updated]

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The last time I reviewed Warframe was two years ago and I didn’t enjoy it that much. Fast forward two years, and about 500 hours, later and I’m pretty addicted to this game. 

The Great:



Warframe is a fast paced third person shooter that plays beautifully. It doesn’t play like your typical cover based third person shooter. Instead you’re always on the move. You can shoot, slice, or various different powers to gain the upper hand on the various different enemy types you’ll face in the game. As you play you’ll unlock new Warframe blueprints to build. Building a new Warframe is a time consuming process.

You’ll have to farm the required materials to build them and after you get them all you’ll have to wait three days before they’re finished building so you can use them. This might turn most people off of Warframe, but if you stick around you’re in a for a real treat because this game is a lot of fun to play and it’s changed quite a lot since it first released.

There are two different ways you can play Warframe. You can play with our chosen Warframe or with your archwing. A archwing is what you’ll use to do battle in space. You’ll fly around while slicing or shooting your way past hordes of enemies to complete your objective. I think it’s fun, but most Warframe players don’t like it. It could be because it’s underdeveloped, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

As you use your Warframe, gun, melee weapon, and pet they’ll level up. Leveling up is very important in Warframe, but it’s not the most important thing there is. Modding your equipment the correct way is. As you kill enemies, do random events, and play the game you’ll come across various different mods. You can place these mods on your Warframe and equipment.


Warframe looks as good as it plays. There are various graphics options for you to tweak, including giving yourself a badass weapon trail that glows as you move around, and it runs beautifully on my rig. I never go below 75fps even through the most intense moments in the game.

Every Warframe in the game looks really good and each one of them has something unique about them. No corners were cut on the appearances of each Warframe. The powers that I’ve used with my Warframes look fantastic, the enviroments, except earth, look good, and going up into space to do battle with my archwing looks fantastic. I love the way space looks in this game and it’s one reason why I went out of my way to level up my archwing and collect all of the rare archwing mods.



The sounds in this game match the graphical quality of it in my opinion. Everything sounds really good in this game. The sounds the various different guns, or bows, make when you fire them sound fantastic. The background music that plays in the background when I’m out on a mission is good, and even the voice acting has gotten better. When I’m using Frost and I’m freezing everything in sight it sounds like it should. The way the ice sounds when I shatter it is awesome and it’s one of those moments that makes playing this game worth it.

The Good:

Boss Fights:

Boss Fights in Warframe can be challenging if you go in unprepared and without a good team. When you start the game you’ll be a long way off from being able to solo most boss fights because you simply won’t be able to dish out enough damage to them. Most boss fights are pretty easy in my opinion. There are certain bosses, like the golem, that can be a real pain in the ass to beat without a really good team, but the majority of the bosses in this game is a cakewalk in my opinion and that’s why boss fights fell down to the good category.

Main Hub:


The main hub is where you’ll do pretty much everything and it also happens to be your ship. When Warframe first released you didn’t even have a ship so that should tell you how far this game has come since then. In your ship you’ll be able to equip new Warframes, weapons, pets, and build whatever you want as long as you have the necessary materials. There’s even a shop terminal in it and I’ve used from time to time.

The Bad:

It’s Repetitive:

In Warframe you’ll be doing the exact same thing from the time you start the game until whenever you decide to quit. You select a mission from your ship, queue up for a party, and then do the mission. They try to disguise the repetitiveness by giving you different objectives to complete, but it all boils down to killing everything in sight while you complete the objective.

There are more mission varieties available now then there were a few years ago, but it’s still a really repetitive game that best experienced in short bursts instead of long ones in my opinion.

It’s Not Noob Friendly:


When you first get into Warframe it’s most likely going to seem like a really difficult game to get into. You won’t have any idea on how to get new weapons, or Warframes and every attempt at the modding your gear will fail because you won’t know what to use against each different faction of enemies that you face. That’s completely normal, but it’s also really annoying. Warframe has a really great community on every platform. People will give you advice if you ask, but the developers should have a put a easier way of understanding the game in the game.

The Verdict:

Warframe has improved a lot since I last reviewed it. It looks better, plays better, and has a bunch of new features that weren’t around and I’ve put about 500 hours on both Xbox One and PC. The console version of the game is a update behind the PC so if you want to stay up to date with Warframe I recommend the PC version of the game.


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