Warframe Review

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Warframe is a unique mmo. I’ve never played an mmo like it. Basically you and three other people join a squad and do missions together. You can go on assassinations ,capture, sabotage, and various other missions. There are two ways to do this on every stage. Stealth, or guns blazing. I have yet to get on team that actually wants to do it the sneaky way and hell I don’t blame them!

You’re practically a space ninja. You have two guns. A primary weapon, and secondary one, but you also have a kick ass melee weapon. The game feels like Mass Effect in a way. You get to do special abilities and pretty much kick all sorts of ass. At the end of every mission you get experience points for your chosen Warframe, guns, and melee weapon that you decided use.

I like this mechanic in the game a lot. You can further customize your chosen Warframe by adding mods to it. Some mods increase your maximum health, other mods grant you new skills that you can use against the enemy but you have to choose wisely because you have a total amount that you can use until you lv your Warframe up more. The same thing applies to all your weapons. You can put a fire mod on your shotgun and run around with a fire shooting boom stick.

After you do enough missions you’ll be able to try and get a promotion. You’ll need to promote your Warframe if you want to use the better equipment later on so this important. You must go through the promotion alone and if you fail you’ll have to start over. There are a few things about the game that I really don’t like. In order for you to be as effective as other players you’ll need to pay real cash or grind for hours trying to get the necessary ingredients that you need in order to make your new piece of gear.

If you want a new Warframe it’s the same way. Almost every item in the game cost real life money and to me it makes no sense. I also seem to get paired up with speed demons that like to rush all the way through the stage and skip all the enemies leaving me alone against dozens of them. Other than that this really is a great game and I recommend you try it out.

My final verdict for Warframe is a 7/10. This is a great game and if they work on adding some more innovative missions in the future, and implement a new way of purchasing items I could easily give this game 8. As of right now doing the same things over and over does get repetitive after a while and as usual if you enjoyed reading this i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!