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Warhammer: Verminitide 2 Review

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After playing nearly 50 hours of Vermintide 2 I’m finally ready to give an in-depth look at the game with my review.

The Great:


This is how you do a first-person hack n slash game. The combat in this game is really good. The animations are fantastic and I could feel the weight of each blow I delivered to the enemy. Swinging a heavy mace has the impact you would expect from it. Using a flail takes timing and precision because it doesn’t attack as fast as other weapons because you need to swing it over your head before hurling it at giant size rat. Every weapon has different attack animations and some are better than others in certain situations. Teamwork is the key to victory in this game. Communication is very important. If one person in the group gets separated from everyone else because he/she didn’t bother to tell us what they were doing the odds are that person is going to die from the next horde or group of enemies that they come across. Of course, we also have those people that just rush ahead and die repeatably because they think this game is Dynasty Warriors…

The stages are designed really well and they’re pretty long too. I didn’t come across a single “bad” map. I like all of them. Even that dark ass mine cart pushing mission is fun. Usually, games like this will have a few great maps and bunch of average ones. It’s rare for me to like every map in a game. My favorite maps are the ones that I’ve memorized every tome/grimoire location. What’s a tome you ask? Scattered throughout each stage are special items called tomes and grimoires. Finding these items are beneficial to you and your team. At the end of every stage, you’ll get a chest. Finding tomes, grimoires, loot dice will increase the chest level which increases the rarity of the loot found in the chest. So if you want the best possible reward you’ll need a full group of 4 and you’ll want to find both grimoires, all three tomes, and the dice.


I wasn’t expecting such quality from a $30 game. The gameplay alone was enough to sell me on this. The sounds just added to it. The voice acting is surprisingly good. All 5 main protagonist has solid voice acting and the different enemy types do too. Chaos warriors have really deep, demonic-sounding voices. The various different bosses all have unique voices too and that added to the experience for me. When a horde is approaching you’ll hear their battle cries and war drums being played it sounds glorious. The soundtrack is really good. It’s composed by Jesper Kyd (Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Borderlands, etc) and I think he did a wonderful job here like he has in many games before this one.


You know a game is optimized really well when I can fun into a horde of enemies on the highest setting and only drop 3-5 frames. I can be completely surrounded on all sides and still run this game butter smooth. I wish Dynasty Warriors 9 would do that for me.

The Good:


There are 15 total classes in Vermintide 2. This would usually have me jumping for joy because I love building my own character making my chosen class work for me. That can be done in this game somewhat. Some classes are noticeably better than others. The Pyromancer class is leagues better than every other class available to Sienna. It’s not even close. Some balancing needs to be done. Some classes need to be enhanced. Vermintide 2 hasn’t been out for very long so I expect some balancing to happen as the game continues to age. Every class can be good if you put in the time, but, like I said above, some classes are just better than others and doesn’t require as much work to get good.


The only way to get gear is by completing missions. You can’t find any laying on the ground or in treasure chest. That means you have to complete the mission to get rewarded for your troubles. The problem with that is if you’re not in a good team the odds of you getting loot will be slim. How patient are you? Are you patient enough to go on a losing streak and not get any rewards for an hour or two because you’re not good enough to solo the game and you keep getting placed in “bad” teams? The loot system needs to be looked at and tweaked in my opinion. What little customization there is isn’t bad. There’s just not enough of it for me to care right now. I have a sword that has 120 power and it looks like the sword I was using that had 50 power. This is another area of the game that I’m hoping gets improved on as the game ages.

The Bad:


Some missions seem like it was just meant for me to fail. Getting swarmed as soon as a mission starts and watching as my entire team is destroyed in a matter of seconds isn’t fun. I usually end up dying shortly after from a boss with a horde attached to his ass. I’m not a fan of the RNG in the loot either. I’ve opened countless chest only to be rewarded with shit that’s weaker than what I’m already using or doesn’t have better passive bonuses to me. I’m forced to equip it though because it’s a higher power level than what I’m wearing. The RNG in this game is bad, but it can always be tweaked to be a little more generous than what it currently is. That would make all the struggles we go through worth it in the end.

No Dedicated Servers:

This is a problem because if the host decides he doesn’t like the way a match is going or that he doesn’t want to finish a map for some other reason he’ll disconnect. When he disconnects we all disconnect. This game needs dedicated servers. This is probably the most requested feature that the community has for this game and I’m adding my voice with theirs. I host all of my games and I make sure whatever mission I start I finish, but not everyone does that.


I want to get into the lore of this universe, but I honestly don’t know where to start. This game isn’t a good place because the story is complete shit. There was a decent build up at the beginning with a lot of dialogue, but after that there’s nothing. There’s a brief summary of what we’re doing before each mission, but that’s it. I didn’t buy this game for the story though. It would have been a good bonus to a game like this, but I’m happy with what I got and that’s non stop multiplayer fun.

The Verdict

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a sequel done right. I never got into the first Vermintide game. I joined the community too late and had problems finding matches. I'm addicted to this one though. It's fantastic and it's hard to put down. If you're a fan of Left4Dead you'll love this game. It's like that, but without zombies. Vermintide 2 is a medieval Left4Dead game and I honestly like it more than Left4Dead. I plan on putting a lot of hours in this game and it's a steal for $30. Most triple-A games don't offer the kind of quality you'll find in this game. If the year ended right now Vermintide 2 would probably be my game of the year.

The Final Score:

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    Mar 20, 2018 6:21 am

    Damn, 50 hours already! That’s impressive. I’ve only managed about 12 so far. Nice review!

    • Reply
      Mar 20, 2018 3:50 pm

      50 and counting lol. Only took me 4 days to hit 50 hours.

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