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What I Think of Bethesda's E3 Press Conference

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There was literally nothing else on so I decided to watch Bethesda’s E3 press conference and it was pretty good. 

I’ve separated this into two different categories. The good, and the bad. Lets start with what’s good shall we?

The Good:



There was a lot of Fallout 4 talk from Bethesda tonight. They showed off something called contraptions which lets us build more things in our settlements including item racks, armor racks, and freaking elevators! They also showed something called vault tech workshop which I’m not too clear about, but what I got from it was that we could experiment with other vault dwellers.

The big showcase was what looked like another expansion for Fallout 4. It was called Nuka World and it showed a lot of npcs doing random shit, but that’s about it. It’s a great time to be Fallout fan for sure.

The huge news is something that I kind of saw coming. Fallout 4 will be available on VR! I told my friends that if Bethesda released a Elder Scrolls or Fallout game for VR I would buy one without hesitation. God damn I’m going to be broke next year…

The Fallout app on android devices will be getting a major update. I don’t care too much about it, but my wife is really excited because it’s the only phone game she plays and I the update does look pretty interesting. I might re-download Fallout Shelter just to experience it for myself.


Prey is no longer called Prey 2. I didn’t see a number 2 or II so I’m just going to assume that this is either a reboot or indirect sequel to the first Prey game. Regardless of what it is I’m really excited about it because the brief trailer that we saw looked fantastic and pretty creepy too. It was also jaw dropping gorgeous too.

The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim ENB Lake

I love card games. Magic The Gathering is my all time favorite card game to play digitally and psychically against other people in real life. The Elder Scrolls Legends looked like a really solid card game to me. I don’t know if it’ll top Magic for me, but it doesn’t really need to. The Elder Scrolls has deep lore and the fact that it’s going to be a new card game really excites me. The gameplay that we saw for it was good and I can’t wait to play it for myself one day.

It’s also coming to mobile devices so that’s also a good thing if you’re into that kind of thing.

ESO is also getting another major update and this one actually impressed me. ESO Tamriel, they changed the name again, is removing the limitations that kept people from playing together. This means that if I create a Argonian and my wife creates a Wood Elf we can still play together because the entire world will be open for us to explore together. This is a awesome feature and I have to give Zenimax props for this move. It makes ESO feel a little more like a real Elder Scrolls game.

The big news for Elder Scrolls fans was the reveal to a remastered version of Skyrim. I’m still on the fence about this, but I won’t lie. That small reveal trailer that we saw for it made me want to play some Skyrim again. Nothing I saw really wowed me, but I do like the god rays that were added to game even though mods did that a long time ago. Console users will also have access to PC created mods, but I won’t bother going over that again. If you want my thoughts on why I don’t agree with this remaster of Skyrim click here.

Doom VR!


I really enjoyed the single player campaign in Doom. It was excellent, but was brought down by the multiplayer. Doom will also be available on VR. That’s two triple A games going to VR and I’m really excited about it. Can you imagine playing Doom with a VR headset? I honestly can’t, but man I’m excited just thinking about it right now.

The Bad:

Quake Champions

Quake is coming back… and I could care less. I know Quake was a big thing back in the day, but I wasn’t excited at all about the big reveal of Quake. The big thing that made me not interested in this game was the fact that it doesn’t have a single player mode like previous Quake games. Instead this is a arena based game that will undoubtedly have us going up against other players for “fun”. That’s not my cup of tea and I probably won’t bother with it when it does launch. At the moment it’s also a PC exclusive.


Not everything Doom was good in my opinion. There’s no multiplayer content coming that made me cringe and the only reason why Doom was in the good section was because of the VR. Everything else that was shown was complete shit in my opinion. I would rather have some good single player DLC over shitty multiplayer map packs any day.

No Evil Within News At All

The only thing missing from Bethesda’s press conference was The Evil Within. I was really hoping we would get some sort of news from them about their blockbuster horror game, but we didn’t. Instead of we saw a bunch of Dishonored 2 and nothing else…


Dishonored 2

I wasn’t a fan of the first Dishonored game. I don’t what everyone saw in that game, but I didn’t like it. Dishonored 2 looks better than it’s predecessor, but I haven’t seen enough for me to say it was good or bad. The new powers were cool and being able to play as Emily or her father was also cool, but the combat looked stale and I’m not sure if I even want the game yet.

I know we’ll see more footage of Dishonored as we get closer to the release date. The release date is a exact copy of Skyrim’s by the way which I thought was really cheesy.


Bethesda’s press conference was straight to the point. They didn’t waste any time by inviting celebrities or doing other stupid shit that other companies do. Instead it was all about the games and I thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t great, but it was good and was actually pretty short too which is a bonus in my opinion. We didn’t actually see gameplay for most of the games that were mentioned except for Dishonored, but I’m guessing that will come later this year.

This hasn’t convinced me to watch E3 every year.

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