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This summer has been a slow one for this blog. I haven’t written much, but I do try and jot some things down from time to time. School is starting soon and things are going to get pretty busy for me moving forward. 

My youngest daughter turned 5 this year. That means I have to sign her up for school, help her study, and try my best to teach two kids here at home. The sign-up process is very annoying. I have to have the usual things like her birth certificate, shot record, etc, but on top of that, I have to do some stupid surveys and a questionnaire. It’s a lot of work and I only have to the 14th to get it all done for two kids.

I had to rush my son to the hospital last night. He got cut pretty bad on his finger and bled all over the place. He has three stitches in his middle finger and it was hard to watch him cry while they sowed his finger up. That’ s not something I wanted my son to have in common with his old man.  He’s doing much better today, which is good because he was up all night vomiting from the medication they gave him to numb the pain. The little guy went through a lot and I just want the next 10 days to pass by quickly so I can take him to have his stitches removed.

I’ve decided to start kickboxing again. I really miss it and for my upcoming birthday, I decided to buy a punching bag. It looks really cool and I can’t wait to lay into it later this month. I’m also changing up my diet until I lose some weight. I’ve never been this big in my life and I feel sluggish :). The 17th can’t get here fast enough. I think I’ve convinced my brother to be my sparring partner, but I’m expecting him to back out at the last minute.

Another huge thing that’s happened to me is I’m no longer on felony probation. I’m a free man and go wherever I want without asking for permission or risk going to jail. I’ve been on probation for the last 6 years and it feels weird not reporting in for the month since I’ve gotten so used to it. It’s been a long journey and I’ve changed so much from the guy I used to be. I just want to be a good dad and stay out of trouble. I’ve done a really good job of that. It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen the inside of a jail cell. I’m proud of that because I’ve come a long way from jumping off of rooftops while running away from the police.

On the gaming side of things I playing Pokemon Revolution Online with my wife and brother. My brother hasn’t played Pokemon since Pokemon Crystal and he’s amazed at all of the changes. I kicked his ass in a battle earlier today and beat my wife right after him. My wife took out three of my Pokemon before my Gengar swept her party. I’m also really invested in Skyrim again and I plan on writing plenty on it this month. I’ve downloaded some new mods, got older mods from OG Skyrim to work with Special Edition, and I think I might even write a part 4 to my sexy edition articles that are always on the front page here.

I’ve also been playing my 3DS a lot lately. It’s seen more attention than my Switch. I’m finally finishing up Stella Glow and it’s one of the best games on the 3DS. I’m also playing through Dragon Quest VIII and I plan on finishing it, but I have no idea when. I play through my handheld games really slowly and it usually takes me about 6 months to complete any game that’s not Pokemon, and Fire Emblem.

I want to buy Ever Oasis for the 3DS, Mario + Rabbids, that new Dynasty Warriors spinoff, and the new Xcom 2 expansion. I can’t get all of them and I’m leaning towards the expansion because Xcom 2 is getting zombies. It’s also the cheapest option and I’m not sure how much cash I’ll have left over after I get the punching bag since that’s about $115 plus tax.

What have you guys been up to?

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  • Reply
    Aug 05, 2017 1:32 am

    Yes! XCOM 2! Moar XCOM!

    Sounds like you’ve had one hell of a month! I hope your son recovers well and that the injury isn’t too bad.

    • Reply
      Aug 05, 2017 9:48 am

      Thanks. My son is doing really well. He tells me his finger hurts, but he forgets all about it when he’s playing with toys or watching TV with his siblings.

      More Xcom 2 is never a bad thing. I can’t wait to get back into it.

  • Reply
    Aug 05, 2017 9:20 am

    I have been up to a lot of things. Like working on articles and cleaning up my gaming room.

    • Reply
      Aug 05, 2017 9:49 am

      That’s cool. I don’t have a dedicated gaming room. Not enough space as it is here :). I do have a dedicated gaming desk that I keep nice and tidy though.

      • Reply
        Aug 05, 2017 12:50 pm

        To be honest, my gaming “room” is part of my bedroom. So, yeah. Also, the space were I play PC and retro PC games is also the place I study and write my articles.

  • Reply
    The Night Owl
    Aug 06, 2017 5:21 pm

    Funny you mentioned the punching bag because I just had one set up at home too! Been a few years since I last used one but it’s a great way to work off energy and any frustrations of the day. 🙂

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