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Why Do People Think There Will Be A Skyrim 2?

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Why are game journalist still writing about Skyrim 2? Pete Hines already laid that rumor to rest months ago and people are still asking when Skyrim 2 will come out. 

Skyrim is not it’s own IP. It’s one game out of a long list of Elder Scrolls games dating back to the 90’s. The Elder Scrolls is the name of the franchise while Skyrim is the name of the location that we’ll be playing in this time around. Every hardcore Elder Scrolls fan knows this already.

Skyrim ENB LakeIt just bothers me when I read an article giving out false information about Skyrim 2 because it’s not happening. I wouldn’t even be interested in a Skyrim 2. I want to explore more locations in Tamriel. Skyrim is one of my all time favorite games. I still play it regularly, but I’m ready to move one to something new. I think we’re all ready to move on.

For those of you that don’t know the title for Skyrim is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. V means 5 just in case you didn’t know. The next Elder Scrolls game will continue the tradition of taking place in another region. I wouldn’t mind going to the Black Marsh, or Elsweyr. Argonians have always been my favorite race to play as. How awesome would it be to have an Elder Scrolls that spans all of Tamriel? I’m not talking about that failure of an MMO. That is not an Elder Scrolls game.

It would be cool if it was called The Elder Scrolls VI: Tamriel too. Of course that would be a dream come true for any Elder Scrolls fan, but it’s highly unlikely since Bethesda usually covers one region at a time in Elder Scrolls games.

More SkyrimSkyrim 2 is simply not going to happen and it’s about time people accepted that. I also don’t think Skyrim will be ported to “next gen” consoles because that’s just not how Bethesda works. There will be another Elder Scrolls game, but it won’t be a sequel to Skyrim.

Skyrim was an incredible game to me. It took me on quite a journey. I’ve written countless articles about it and I plan on doing the same for the next Elder Scrolls game. Skyrim 2 is just a rumor started by someone that obviously knows next to nothing about The Elder Scrolls. Don’t take those articles seriously or get hyped up about it. You’ll only be disappointed in the end.

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