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Improved performance and prevention from untimely damage is what streetcar, motorcycles, and ATV owners think of all the time. Octane addictive is the new hot topic that you come across these days. Does it improve performance? Let’s know more about it.

How does octane improve power indirectly?

There is no denying that high-performing engines need high-octane fuel. As you know, octane ratings tend to measure its ability to withstand compression. Because engines have a definite compression ratio, it measures the amount of air compressed by the piston.

As such, a high compression ratio improves the performance and power of the engine. In turn, manufacturers have to increase the engine compression ratio because of the use of high-octane fuel. Moreover, ignition timing is another important factor that plays a role in engine performance.

Therefore, octane addictive provides performance benefits indirectly. In addition, people who are more into topics like this one know how things work. So, when you properly tune the vehicle, 93 octane shows power gains compared to 85 or 87 octanes.

What is octane additive and how do they work?

Now that you are aware of the basics, let’s understand octane additive. To know it better, you should understand the primary purpose is to increase the octane rating of the fuel that you are using in the vehicle.

Hence, the little bottles that you find around contain liquid fuel addictive. Besides, some of the important ingredients include trimethylbenzene, toluene, and MMT. Therefore, octane additive, which is otherwise called octane booster is a kind of liquid additive that increases octane rating.

Octane additive increases octane levels by trace amounts of more than 115 octane. However, the results depend on the product that you are using, the starting octane rating, and how much you are using. When you increase the octane rating, you get a better grip on preignition and detonation.

In short, octane additive improves performance and power. But it depends heavily on the engine and car type in question. Besides, many engines are designed for maximum power with the help of certain fuels like 93 octane. However, many regions in the United States don’t have access to 93 octane.

For example, when you use octane additive to 93 octane from 91 octane, you will notice significant performance and power. Even if your car or ATV isn’t optimized for high-octane fuels, you may notice minor gains as well.

Also, it improves engine safety because of auto-ignition. Despite these facts, the results aren’t always the same. So, whether or not the octane additive works depends on the engine and car.