Why Is No One Mentioning Andrew Luck In The MVP Conversation?

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Andrew Luck, so far, is having his best season as a starting QB. So why isn’t he getting more attention?

The big reason why Andrew Luck is being overlooked when people talk about who the MVP is going to be is because of the Colts record. We’re only 3-4 right now, but none of that is because of Andrew Luck.

Aaron Rodgers is considered considered the best QB in the league for some strange reason even though he’s playing like shit right now. The three best QBs in the league right now is Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, and Andrew Luck. Tom Brady is obviously up there too, but Stafford, and Luck have less than Brady and Brady just came back. Naming him MVP after two games seems a bit premature to me.

Lets compare QBs here

Matthew Stafford has a 68.0 CMP%, 1,914 YDS, 15 TDs, and only 4 INTS with a 105.7 QB rating.

Matt Ryan has a 67.6 CMP%, 2,348 YDS, 16 TDs, and only 4 INTs with a 113.6 QB rating.

Andrew Luck has 64.9 CMP%, 2,074YDS, 14 TDs, and only 4 INTs with a 98.3 QB rating.

These three guys have very similar stats don’t they? But when I hear analyst talk they never mention Andrew Luck. It’s usually Matt Ryan and now it’s Matthew Stafford. If they’re not talking about those two they’re making excuses or Aaron Rodgers poor play over the last two seasons.

Andrew Luck’s stats are just as good as the other two guys I’ve mentioned here, but he gets no love whatsoever. He’s playing really well right now, but since we have a losing record that’s all everyone sees. Andrew Luck has to play well because our defense is playing so poorly right now. We’re giving up almost 30 points a game and when you consider that fact and you see Andrew Luck’s play this year you can’t ignore that he’s one of the best QBs in the league right now.

There’s a chance that we can win the division this season. If the Texans lose to Broncos, and we win our next game against the Chiefs we’ll be right under the Texans and could have a pretty good chance to steal the division from them if our defense can play better.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t anywhere near Andrew Luck or any of the other guys I’ve mentioned above.

Aaron Rodgers stats are pretty average actually. He has a 62.4 CMP%, 1,496 YDs, 13 TDs, and 4 INTs with a 91.7 QB rating. None of his stats are better than Andrew Luck’s. I’m not saying that Andrew Luck is the MVP of the 2016 season, but if Cam Newton can win one by playing the easiest schedule in the NFL Luck should have a shot too. The excuse for Cam was he put up big numbers with less around him. Andrew Luck is doing that too right now.

What does Andrew Luck have around him right now? A horrible offensive line that breaks down under any kind of pressure, and arguably the worst defense in the NFL. Andrew Luck has been sacked more times than any other QB in the NFL and he’s still putting up big numbers every week. How does that not add to his MVP credentials?

If he can keep playing at this level I don’t see why he wouldn’t win the MVP this season. He’s doing more with less around him and we’re second in our division right now and I think there’s a pretty good chance that we could sneak into the number one spot if our defense would step up in big moments. Expecting Andrew Luck to put up 30+ points a game is unfair, but it adds to my point doesn’t it?

Andrew Luck is carrying this team on his back right now. We have a bad head coach in Chuck Pagano, and a horrible GM. Those two need to go, but they’re most likely not going anywhere and we’re going to waste Andrew Luck’s prime years and that’s a shame.

Andrew Luck is the best QB in football right now in my opinion followed very closely by Matthew Stafford.

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    Oct 24, 2016 3:55 pm

    It’s gotta be so frustrating being Andrew Luck. Guy is an incredible QB and you’re right, totally underrated and overlooked. Here’s to hoping things change

    • Reply
      Oct 24, 2016 4:44 pm

      He only had one bad season and that was last year. He usually throws a bunch of INTs a year, but do you know who else did that and still got mad love? Matthew Stafford. Brett Farve did it before he did too.

      Andrew Luck is the only reason why the Colts are in second place in their division right now. He deserves more love than what he gets. Everyone is all over Aaron Rodgers. Aaron’s only good game came from playing a bad Bears team…

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