WildStar [Closed Beta] First Impression

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Wildstar is going free to play and I’ve been close beta testing it for the last week to see how it is and so far I’m really impressed it. 

The first good thing I can say about this game is that I didn’t have to pay to play test it :]. This is how closed beta is supposed to work and I’m glad NCsoft didn’t charge anyone to beta test their game.

Wild Star is a Sci Fi/Fantasy MMORPG that takes place on a planet called the Nexus. At the beginning I was able to choice from 8 different races and a handful of classes. They are your average warrior/mage/rogue races, but with a mix of Sci Fi. I’m playing as a mage that likes to dual wield pistols and I’m having a ton of fun with him so far.

I’m only level 9, I’ve been playing when I can because of some health issues I’ve had the last week, and I just did my first instance quest. It took me two hours because I went in their alone, but I like that I was able to do it without spamming the chat line for help because we all know that can take awhile.

I have more freedom then I originally thought I would in this game. I thought this was a point and click game like WoW, but it’s not. It’s more like Guild Wars 2. It mixes old school point and click with new school’s action oriented combat and so far it’s working really well. As I level up I automatically unlock new skills instead of choosing them like I do in other MMO’s. At first I was disappointed in this, but as I explored the skill tree I realized how deep it really is and I’m not disappointed anymore.

I have no idea how far I can make it in a closed beta. I’m pretty sure my character will get wiped as the game transitions to open beta so I probably won’t get too far because I hate starting over from the beginning when I have a decent character already.

WildStar is an interesting game and I really like it. I’ll see about posting a review up once the full game is available to the public.

In addition to playing Wildstar I’ve also been playing Warframe, and Phantasy Star Online 2. I took a one year break from both games I’m planning on writing about some of the changes that are in both of them.

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Share Your Thoughts!