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Wizard of Legend Review (Switch)

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I have a few reviews coming your way over the next few days. This is the first. I played this game shortly after it released and never got around to writing about it. So… lets review Wizard of Legend! 

The Great:


This game is a step above others in the genre. It’s fast paced and makes playing as a wizard fun. I expected this game to be a bunch of old farts casting spells at enemies with big ass staffs and booming voices. It’s far from that. My mouth dropped when my ninja/wizard zipped across the screen and opened up a can of whoop ass on my foes. I love how I can combine spells to make my own unique build and the fact that this game has local co op made the experience that much more fun. The downside is the difficulty. It can be brutally hard at times and it seemed like the game was against me completing it. The boss fights leading up to the main three super-bosses are easy, but once you get to the super-boss the difficulty spikes to 10. I was dead before I could blink the first time I encountered the fire boss of doom and it took me over 30 tries to come up with a combination to beat it. The gameplay is fast paced and really smooth and it’s easy to navigate around traps, enemies, and everything in between. Since this is a roguelite game it does punish you for dying. If you die you have to start all the way from the beginning of the game again. 

The upside to this is that I can use the points that I acquired from my previous run to buy new spells to try in battle. It makes dying over and over again less painful then it is in games like Has-been Heroes. Playing with a friend is recommended because it’s more fun. Playing alone is quite boring (IMO) and uneventful. Unfortunately… the gameplay is all I can praise this game for. This has to be the first time that I don’t have a “Good” section in one of my reviews. 

The Bad:


This game isn’t Has-been Heroes kinds of hard. It’s just not for me. The biggest flaw of this game is the fact that it’s a roguelite game. I don’t like dying and being forced to repeat everything over, and over, and over again. Some games can pull it off (Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells)… this one doesn’t. I don’t like this game nearly enough to spend hours upon hours trying to master it so I can become good enough to beat the next area just so I can die again, start over, and repeat the process with a different build. The bosses are unfairly hard some times and don’t show any sort of opening for an attack. I don’t like that and I don’t have as much time to game as I used to. Maybe I’m just getting old and don’t have the same amount of patience that I used to have for games like this. Or maybe it’s just a serious design flaw. I’ll let you choose on that one. 


I never expect much from soundtracks in games like this and it still failed to impress me. I can’t recall a single track from this game. That’s how unmemorable it was to me. The sound effects aren’t much better. It’s a shame because a game with this many magic spells should have awesome, booming sounds that make me feel like a death dealing wizard of doom! It doesn’t. There is no voice acting whatsoever so I don’t know what more I can write about this section. 


This is one ugly game. Everything from the environments to the character models looks like one giant pile of poo. Some of the spell effects look nice. I like the ice and fire attacks, but it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before and done better in other pixelated games. The environments are dull and lifeless. The last room will look exactly like the first one. Even the character models are ugly as hell. The only saving grace is the animations. I’m not trying to shit all over this game, but this is just lazy. It’s like all of the work went into the gameplay and everything else was an afterthought. 

The Verdict

Wizard of Legend is an average game that I got very little enjoyment from. It can be fun in co op, but the lack of... well... everything made this game a chore to play. The gameplay is nice and you'll love it at first, but once you realize how dull everything else is you'll probably want to play something else. Good gameplay can only take a game so far and I have yet to play a Roguelite game that made me want to keep playing it after I completed it.

Final Score:

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