Xcom Declassified- Tips, and Loadouts

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I’ve done a little research and many people are actually saying how hard this game is to play. I’ve put a little over 10 hours in the game and I think i’m closing in to the end of the game. I’m playing the game on the Veteran difficulty and these are some tips I have for you to actually breeze through the game with no little to no effort. Now it’s no mystery that the a.i. in this game is terrible. Your partners run out in the open without you telling them to and get themselves killed.

Or when they actually are in cover they die with one of two shots. Well here’s how to solve that {can’t solve the a.i. sorry but I can solve the dying thing} during your adventures you should come across a backpack schematic called the guardian pack. This pack allows you to increase your defenses. I placed one on all my agents and they don’t die as often as they used to.

I saw my guy get shot by a sniper, smashed by a Muton, and even take a rocket and he didn’t die so yeah I think the backpack works like a charm. Right now on my team I have a sniper, and engineer. They’re great together especially when you take your time and adjust the situation on the battlefield before you go in guns blazing. I personally like to set my team up before I fire a single shot at the enemy. I’ll have my sniper take point and open up the match with a critical shot. At the same time i’ll have my engineer placing a laser turret on the ground to fire at enemy rapidly while I throw my blob, and aerial drone out on the battlefield.

The key is to have as many “partners on the battlefield as you can. The blob is awesome because it can lure enemies out in the open by jumping on them. They’ll be too busy trying to get it off them so you’ll have a clear shot at them most times. The drone is your aerial support unit and does an excellent job at drawing enemy fire and taking them out too.

I have my drone in a support role. It’ll fly around us and heal us if we get hurt. So instead of Carter being the only one in the group that can heal you’ll have the drone as well. If you want to be effective with this group let the aliens gather together {they gather quite a lot in this game} and fire at you.

With your turret, drone, and blob you shouldn’t be worried about taking too much damage because they’ll be distracted by those. Let them gather in as close to each other as you can then choose your sniper and bombard them with an aerial strike. If it doesn’t kill everything in that radius then it’ll seriously injure them. For bigger targets like the Mutons I invested my sniper in the decoy instead of invisibility. Deploy your decoy at the larger enemies and they’ll be completely focused on it leaving their backs completely exposed to you. Keep your turret on the battlefield at all times along with your blob, and drone and you’ll do just fine against those heavily armored opponents.

Image   A great way to take out enemy snipers, is to lift them in the air and have your sniper ko them with a single shot. Lift is a great way to force your enemy out of cover. Deploy your laser turret, lift the strongest enemy of the group up and let it blast away until it dies. It’s also important to remember to lay mines around the area. A group of mines can make it extremely hard for anything to get to close to you.

I have my Carter equipped with a laser pulse rifle, and plasma sniper rifle. The plasma rifle will tear any enemy to apart. I only use it on tougher enemies and works like a charm. I gave my sniper a plasma sniper rifle as well and he’s a beast with it. I’m equipped with the Tacticians Backpack and I think that works well with my setup.  Image

Keep this advice in mind if you’re playing on higher difficulties or on any difficulty really if you want to make the most out of your sniper, and engineer. I’ll have another post up on the Assault, and support class soon. This isn’t a 100% sure way to win but it works for me and i haven’t found a situation that I can’t get out of using this guide. I’m sorry it’s taking so long for me to post my review on this game but i’m almost done with it so it’ll be up soon. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!