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Xcom Enemy Within Will Support Mods In The Future

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Xcom Enemy Within releases on November 15th. Modding tools won’t be available when the expansion releases but Xcom designer Garth Deangelis said, “modding tools aren’t on the table currently but that doesn’t mean they’re never coming.” As of right now you may only have a single mod active on Enemy Unknown because the new mod will overwrite the old one.

He also had this to say:

“Technically, sure, there’s a lot of support for [Unreal Development Kit] and modding and things like that,”  And, if we were to do it, we’d want to do it right. We’d provide the proper level of tools and support and that takes a little more planning and time to get that right and we’re not on that right now.”

“There are some mods available for Enemy Unknown at the XCOM Mod Nexus, yes. But without dedicated dev tools and an established community, the mod nexus offering will never be as robust as, say, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s 581 pages of Steam Workshop mods.”

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