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Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Like Monster Hunter Meets Phantasy Star

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I have about 30 hours of play time in Xenoblade Chronicles X right now and I can’t help, but notice all of the similarities that this game has to both Monster Hunter and Phantasy Star. 

The art design, armor, and weapons are all indicators that this game was inspired by Phantasy Star in some way. They’re really identical and it’s one of the reasons why I brought the game. The gameplay separates it from being a Phantasy Star clone along with the fact that it sets itself up like a Monster Hunter game.

When I’m in the city I can select different types of quest, but I usually stick to bounty hunting or gathering missions because I find those the most fun. I love fighting big ass tyrants and getting a sweet reward at the end of a 20-30 minute battle.

Xenoblade Chronicles X
This game is huge!

In Monster Hunter you’re constantly hunting monsters for their hides, claws, teeth or whatever someone else wants from them. In Xenoblade Chronicles X you’re doing the exact same thing. The only difference is this game has an actual story and has strong Sci-Fi elements in the game, but the core of the game itself breaks down to us hunting monsters, gathering items, and doing main missions. It’s a really basic design that comes with a really steep learning curve.

The funny thing is that I’m not a Monster Hunter fan at all. I don’t like a single game in the series, but I really like this game so far. Maybe it’s because of the Sci-FI elements in the game or maybe it’s simply because I haven’t played a good JRPG since Lost Odyssey back on the Xbox 360. I’m not sure why I like the game so much, but I do and I’m no near done with it so my review is still a long way off.

My dude is on the right :]

The multiplayer portion of the game is exactly like Monster Hunter in my opinion. You don’t get to explore the map as a team. Instead you’re placed in zones and you have to kill whatever monsters you’re tasked with killing. It’s fun, but a little disappointing because I was really hoping for some open world exploration with my friends, but that isn’t happening. At least we can still team up and fight tough squad based missions and even fight a massive enemy together.

Xenoblade Exploration
Lost at sea :[
I know I’ve been absent lately. That’s mainly because I’m battling a really bad bug right now and I haven’t had much energy to do much of anything. Every time I break my fever it comes back the next day and my life right now really sucks because of that. I can’t spend time with my kids because I don’t want to get them sick and I can’t game because the light from the TV hurts my eyes.

Today has been a pretty good day. I’m actually eating solid foods again and I can walk down the hallway without feeling like I’m going to fall down :]. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some good content.

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