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Xenoblade Chronicles X Screenshots Part 2

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It took me 45 hours to get my Skell and it was well worth the wait. Here are some screenshots I took while messing around in Xenoblade Chronicles X. 

12357123_926369650766652_4802885520128719633_o 12362701_924969530906664_773857893553733723_o 12375268_926371780766439_4397917108650157682_o (1) 12377739_927015040702113_8738806651075146516_o 12314389_927285024008448_3628793155028217489_o 12356864_927285694008381_7667823952647530371_o (1) 12356982_927286807341603_5042129601847749181_o

I have 64 hours of play time in Xenoblade so far and there is no end in sight. I have no idea when I’ll be finished, but I’m enjoying myself so much I don’t really care.

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Share Your Thoughts!