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Yo Kai Watch First Impression

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One of my gifts for Christmas was Yo Kai Watch. I’ve been playing it non stop and I decided to share my thoughts on my first 3 hours of gameplay.

I don’t see why people compare this game to Pokemon. They’re nothing alike. In Pokemon you catch Pokemon, win gym battles, and become Pokemon Master. In Yo Kai Watch you befriend these monsters, called Yo Kai, and call on them with your Yo Kai Watch when you need them.

You don’t win any badges or trap them in small balls. Yo Kai Watch has cutscenes and a pretty interesting story so far too. These are things that Pokemon didn’t have until recently. Well… Pokemon still doesn’t have good stories, but they try I guess.

yokai-watch-game 3

So far I have befriended 11 Yo Kai. I’ve completed three side quest and I’m about to upgrade my Yo Kai Watch so I can befriend stronger Yo Kai. So far this game is really impressive. I love the fact that my parents are real parents and don’t send their ten year old kid out in the world to catch monsters. I have to be home before sundown in this game.

If it’s raining outside my character automatically puts his jacket on. When I walk inside my house he takes his shoes off and walks around in his socks.

It’s also pretty cool that normal people can’t see Yo Kai without the watch lens. This game is like a little kid version of Ghostbusters, but it’s easy for adults to enjoy too because of the way it’s written. It has really good dialogue and some laugh out loud moments.

I’m really loving Yo Kai Watch right now. It’s actually pretty great and I would like to thank my wife for buying it for me. As far as this being the “Pokemon killer” goes I don’t think it is, but I do prefer it over Pokemon right now.

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    The Otaku Judge
    Dec 31, 2015 5:29 am

    Japanese kids have parents? I would have never known based on Pokemon and other animes I watch.

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