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Yo-Kai Watch Review

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Yo-Kai Watch is a pretty cool game that’s brought down by some pretty big flaws. Here’s my overdue review on it. 

Many people have called Yo-Kai Watch the “Pokemon killer”. I don’t see where that phrase came from because they’re completely different games that has us doing completely different things. Pokemon is all about collecting gym badges and catching Pokemon.

Yo-Kai Watch is about progressing through the main story and befriending different Yo-Kai. The only thing the two really have in common is collecting monsters and letting them battle each other.

The Great:


Yo-Kai Watch’s gameplay is really good. When you get your first Yo-Kai you’ll be introduced to the battle system. You don’t get to choose your commands in battle. Every Yo-Kai on your team will automatically battle each other and perform moves. The only thing you can do is give them items, and perform their ultimate move once they have enough energy.

You’ll eventually be able to evolve certain Yo-Kai by letting them reach a certain level or fusing them together with other Yo-Kai or items.

The gameplay is far from simple though. You’ll constantly be switching your Yo-Kai around to get a good edge in boss fights. Traveling around the world of Yo-Kai Watch was fun. Exploring construction sites, sewers, and city itself was a blast. I eventually unlocked a bike and the ability to do quest at night.


yokai-watch-game 3

Yo-Kai Watch has a main story that’s broken up into episodes. It’s really cool and kept me invested in the game. I played this like I played a Pokemon game. I took my sweet time exploring everything and collecting all kinds of Yo-Kai for my collection.

Not every Yo-Kai can be befriended. Some of them are really powerful and will punish you for breaking the rules. In order to befriend stronger Yo-Kai you’ll need to upgrade your Yo-Kai Watch. This turned out to the be quite a chore for me to do since reading the world map is the hardest part of this game. I’ll get more into that later.


Everything sounds great in this game. The Yo-Kai, background music, sound effects, and cutscenes are all great. I really love the battle music in this game too. I’ll be sitting there listening to it while my kitty shouts, “paws of fury!” and annihilates everything on the screen.

Collecting Yo-Kai:

Instead of throwing balls at Pokemon and making them obey me by beating the shit out of other Pokemon this game has us befriending Yo-Kai. The only way to do that is by finding them with the Yo-Kai Watch. The watch will give off an aura once you’re near Yo-Kai. I used my stylus to search the area for the Yo-Kai. Once spotted the Yo-Kai will attempt to flee. If you’re successful you’ll enter battle with the Yo-Kai and there’s a chance that you’ll befriend it after battle.

That is the Yo-Kai collecting process. I had to try about 50 times to get that cool looking ninja Yo-Kai and when I did I only used him for about 30 minutes before I found something cooler. Collecting Yo-Kai is just as awesome as collecting Pokemon.

The Good:



Yo-Kai Watch has been around for awhile in Japan. There’s multiple games, an anime, and it’s really successful. This is the first Yo-Kai Watch game and it doesn’t look bad. It doesn’t look as great as Pokemon X&Y, but it doesn’t look bad. I can tell it’s pretty dated, but I really enjoyed the details that went into creating this game. The city is detailed and full of Yo-Kai, side quest for us to do. Some of the Yo-Kai look really good too.

Side Quest:

Doing side quest is a good way to unlock new features in Yo-Kai Watch. I’ve unlocked new shops, Yo-Kai, and the ability to evolve Yo-Kai by fusing them together. Some Yo-Kai that I befriended gave me quest to do like fishing for a rare breed of fish. The only downside to this is that horrible world map. I was literally running around for hours before I found out where I was supposed to go.

It’s Funny:

This game had quite a few laugh out loud moments for me. Some of the Yo-Kai’s names were hilarious. Snotsolong, and manjimutt immediately come to my mind when I think about them. I had to do a quest that I had me tracking down a old man’s favorite pair of underwear. It was one of the funniest moments in the game to me.

The Bad:



The world map is all kinds of bad in this game. The only thing that’s easy to find is the main quest because there’s a big red arrow pointing to it. Why couldn’t it do this for side quest too? Ranking up my Yo-Kai Watch was annoying because I either forgot where the locations were or didn’t know where they were. The map didn’t help me at all. I had to look the locations up online and that still didn’t help because people are just as lost as I am.

I still can’t find the street pass building that’s given to us at the beginning of the game. I just gave up on it and continued my journey. The lack of a good map really impacted the enjoyment I had with this game.

The Verdict:

Yo-Kai Watch is a great game. If it wasn’t for that pesky world map I would have enjoyed the game a lot more then I did. This game has very little in common with Pokemon. The real time/turn based battles are great. I love micromanaging my Yo-Kai and selecting the perfect team. It’s too bad that there’s no good way to know which Yo-Kai you’re missing and where to find them like there is in Pokemon. That kind of makes it fun because it’ll encourage exploring more places so you can find more Yo-Kai.


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