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Yo-Kai Watch Season 1 Episode 1 Review

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The English version of Yo-Kai Watch is on Netflix so I decided to give it a shot and write a short review on it. 

I’m not really sure what I think of Yo-Kai Watch right now. After watching a episode I thought it was funny, but really short. It was only 17 or 18 minutes long. The first episode felt rushed and the four Yo-Kai that we were introduced to were cool, but didn’t have enough screen time in my opinion.

The Yo-Kai Watch show has a lot in common with the game so far. The main protagonist finds his first Yo-Kai in the woods while out hunting bugs, goes home and finds his parents arguing for no reason and runs into dismarelda.


It played out almost exactly like it did in the game and that was really cool. Jibanyan easily stole the show in my opinion. He’s funny, witty, and really cute too. Lunaliah and I laughed out loud at the very end of the episode because of something that happened to him. We got only got a brief preview of the other characters in the show, but I expect to see more of them as the season progresses. Hopefully the episodes get a little longer because 17 minutes isn’t enough time to do anything in my opinion.

Yo-Kai Watch’s first episode was solid, but could have been much better if it was a little longer and did a better job at explaining everything instead of the rush job that was presented here. It was still very enjoyable to watch and if you’re a fan of the video game then I’d recommend checking out the first few episodes to see if you like them.

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